Important Notice:

We're currently recruiting beta testers for the closed beta of Oszillos Mega Scope 1.5. If you're using Logic Audio you are invited to enroll here.

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Simply the best oscilloscope you can get!

deep precise fast shaded

Random Moments 3 from VoltageCtrlR on Vimeo.

Los Angeles based musician VoltageCtrlR shows Oszillos Mega Scope in the first seconds of his video. If you're into experimental synth music, check out his other stuff.  

Oszillos-Mega-Scope is a BPM-synced oscilloscope with support for multiple inputs. It gives you a visualisation of the waveforms you feed it with. This can be handy in different situations like compressor-fine-tuning, sound design, drum programming, etc. Oszillos-Mega-Scope features a resizeable and intuitive user-interface that lets you just do you work.


  • Supports multiple Channels.
  • Supports different zoom-levels (1/32th note to 16 bars).
  • Two different visualisation modes (separate waves, combined waves).
  • Gain slider for input-level adjustment.
  • Resizeable Visualization Window.
  • Easy and Elegant User Interface.
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